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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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& just. He was also instructed to have prepared &
taken out with him such implements of Husbandry
as he may deem necessary for the further
prosecution of the Views of the Yearly Meeting
and draw on the Treasurer for the amount of
expence incured

The Treasurer was directed to pay John

the amount of his & Isaace Griffith’s
acct. calculating Johns salary up to the end
of last month and it was understood between
him and the committee that his present engag
ment was to take date from the 1st instant
and his future salary (which was to be setled
after) computed from that time

The secretary was orderd to give to John

an order on John Bentley to deliver
up to him the implements of agriculture in his
possession belonging to friends

a letter was reced. from William Wells

giving information of the present disposition
of the Indians &the situation of our settlement
Then adjourned

Balto. 2 mo 8 1808

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns present 15 members

The friends appointed to invest the funds
remited to us on acct. of the money raised by our