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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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have made in the knowledge of Husbandry

It appears by a minute of the Yearly
Meeting that our friend James Gillingham

was added to this committee in the place
of Wm Kirk who was at his request released
Then Adjourned sine die

Balto. 1 mo 13 1808

At a meeting of the committee on
Indian concerns present 12 Members

John Shaw

one of the persons employed
by the committee the last season at
Dennis’ Station attended and gave a
detail of the occurences & circumstances
attending his residence on the Wabash, which
was satisfactory, and if appearing to the
members present that the existing state of
things at our Station requiring the further
attention of friends, and he expressing a
willingness to engage for the present year in
the service of friends, the committee concluded
to employ him, and authorised him to engage a
friend whom he may approve to accompany
& remain with him at our station for the ensuing
season at such wages as he may think reasonable