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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The following minute from the Yearly Meeting
was produced and read

The application & expenditure of the dona
tion received from our brethren of Great Bri

, in aid of our indeavours to improve
the condition of the Indian natives, was
concluded to be left to the discretion of
the committee on Indian concerns

Extracted from the minutes of the
Yearly Meeting of Balto. held the 10mo 1807
By Gerard T. Hopkins Clk

The committee having taken into con
sideration the disposal thereof, concluded to
appoint the following friends to invest the
same in such way as they may deem most
secure and proper to wit Elisha Tyson

, Elias
, Gerard T. Hopkins, George Ellicott &
Philip E. Thomas

The committee having taken into conside
ration the present situation of our concern
relative to the Indians, after solid deliberation
thereon concluded to nominate our friends Elisha Tyson

Edward Stabler, Asa Moore David Grave &Henry
to make them a visit, if way should open
in the course of the ensuing spring or summer
in order that we may be more fully ascertained
of their present disposition and the progress they