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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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apprehensive it may for a short time
probably interrupt that progress towards
civilization which has heretofore been so
conspicuous amongst them

The committee are aware that in
the prosecution of this concern difficul
ties and discouragements will most
likely often occur- It is a great &
important work which cannot be
effected but with time, yet they feel strength
end in the belief that as friends endeavour
to abide patiently under the weight of the
concern it will continue to progress &
they humbly trust be finally crowned with

We have examined the Treasurers
a/c and find a balance in his hands of
$829 66/100 exclusive of the money recd. from
our brethren of Great Britain

Balto. 10mo 14 1807
Signed on behalf of the committee Evan Thomas Caleb Kirk Edward Stabler Jonas Cattle

Then adjourned to meet tomorrow evening
the 15th Inst. at the 7th Hour when the committee
again met present 23 Members and our friends
John Parrish

& George Churchman from the Yearly
Meeting of Phila