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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The committee have received from the meeting
for sufferings of Phila. $8000 as a part of our
proportion of money raised by our brethren
of Great Britain and remited to them, to be
divided amongst friends in America in
aid of the concern for promoting the
civilization of the Indians, and they suggest to
the Yearly Meeting the propriety of investing
the donation of our brethren in England
in some productive Stock & of limiting
their expenditures of it to its annual proceeds

It appears by information which has
reached us that many of the Indians inha
biting the country bordering on our Station
have latterly become extremely unsetled &
disquieted in their minds respecting some
religious controversies, which have been
excited amongst them by one Indian
styling himself as a Prophet and that in con
sequence thereof great numbers have
collected together & intirely neglected any
kind of attention to agriculture or other
concerns we have not understood that
those residing at our station or
immediately in its neighbourhood have yet
had any concern or taken any part in these
controversies, but should this hereafter un
happily be the case, the committee are