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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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forward to our agents there a com
munication suitable to the occasion
Then adjourned

Balto. 10mo 13 1807

At a Meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns present 24 Members and several of our
brethren from the neighbouring Yearly Meetings

The friends appointed to address a com
munication to the committee of the
meeting for sufferings of Philad.

on the subject
of the money raised by our brethren of Great
in aid of the exertions of friends in
America in promoting the civilization of the
Indians nations informed that they had
complied with the service and received an
answer which was produced and read

The following friends were appointed
to examine &settle the Treasurers accounts, &
prepare a report to the Yearly Meeting to
wit George Ellicott

, Edward Stabler, Philip
E. Thomas
, Henry Mills, David Grave, Jonas
Caleb Kirk & Asa Moore

Then adjourned until tomorrow
evening at the 6 Hour- At which time
the committee again met present 17 Members

The friends appointed to prepare a report to the Yearly Meeting produced the following