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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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rasied by our brethren of Great Britain

for the purpose of aiding the exertions
of friends in this country in promoting
the civilization of the Indian nations,
concluded, to appoint Thomas Moore,
Elisha Tyson, George Ellicott &Gerard
T. Hopkins
, to address the committee of
the Meeting for Sufferings of Philad.
in order to ascertain what amount
they have, and expect to authorised,
to draw upon friends of London for
that we may be enabled to judge
what further sums, we are intitled
to receive as our proportion of the
money raised by friends of England &
be prepared to lay a clean statement
of the business before our ensuing
yearly Meeting

A letter was recd. from Wm Wells

giving information respecting the situation
our settlement on the Wabash the
sub committee was directed to write &
inform him of its reception and also to