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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The sub committee further informed that a
letter was recd. in the 5 month last from that
part of our committee residing at Red Stone
informing that they had agreeably to directions
recd. engaged John Shaw & Isaac Griffith
to take charge of our station on the Wabash
for the present season and requested such
instructions to be forwarded to them as
circumstances might render necessary, they
had accordingly written to them, and also
forwarded a communication to the Indians
and one to Wm Wells on the occasion

And friends over the mountains ha
ving likewise suggested the propriety of
engaging a man and his wife to remove to
Dennis’ Station at the time, the beforementioned
young men will leave it, the proposition was
after consideration united with by the sub committee and
friends there requested to endeavour to procure some suitable
persons in their country for that purpose

A communication was received from a
committee of the meeting for sufferings of
Philadelphia accompanied by a minute of