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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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As a member for the society of friends, whose
appointment to this very important charge
perhaps has its origin in that confidence
which our committee lately placed in
thee, by giving thee the superior tendency
of our station on the Wabash, we feel a
strong solicitude, that all thy movements
in the prosecution of the duties of thy
appointment, may be marked with a
corectness and integrity, correspondent
with thy religious professions. That thy
general conduct may evince a regard
to the solemn obligations of uprightness,
intitle thee to the gratitude of the Indians
and the approbation of the government
and finally produce in thy own mind the
enjoyment of that peace , which arrises
from an honest discharge of duty, is the
very affectionate desire of our committee
on Indian concerns

Addressed by the direction &

&Signed on behalf of the committee
Evan Thomas Geo. Ellicott Asa Moore G. T. Hopkins Edwd. Stabler Caleb Bentley Thomas Moore P.E. Thomas