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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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in keeping them in their present uncivilized
state will use great efforts to counteract thy
exertions, and will throw every obstacle they
can in the way of any plan that may be adopted
for their civilization, they will also probably
endeavour to persuade the Indians, that the
Government is now influenced by some
interested motive, and if they can no other
way succeed in rendering the present attempt
abortive, will even endeavour to induce
them to abandon their present settlements
and remove further to the westward. And
as these traders by living amongst the
Indians and speaking their language, have
a great influence over them, it will
require much circumspectiom and wisdom in thee to
counteract this influence. Thou must be
cautious in thy communications to them
and very particular in the selection of interpret
ters- We apprehend it will rarely be safe
for thee to make use of a trader for this purpose.

In thy communications with
the Secretary of War

thou shouldest at all
times exhibit a candid and unreserved
view of the state of business under the care