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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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in as clear and concise a manner as
thou art capable of and in the disburse
ment of the public money observe the strictest
regard to economy and the interests of the
government, keeping thy expenditures by
all means within the amount allowed thee

Every effort should also be used to se
cure the attachment of the Indians and
every alurement held out to induce them
to labour, this will best be effected, by
an examplary, prudent &correct deportment
amongst them

Much will also depend
upon thy selecting suitable persons, to reside
at the intended settlements they should
be men, who would be good examples of
industry and of steady habits, who engage
in the service from principle and not
altogether from pecuniary motives- The
committee consider the plan on which
thou art to act as well calculated to
effect the object desired, and from an
honest discharge of the trust confided to
thee they confidently expect a result, highly
beneficial to the Indians and gratifying
to the friends of humanity