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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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will promote their advantage; the committee
therefore advise thee not to undertake too
much at first, but commence thy operations
on a small scale; thou will recollect, that
thy business is not to raise food for the Indi
ans, without being assisted by them, this would
only be to encourage them in idleness, but
the object of thy appointment, is, to teach
them how to provide the necessary comforts
for themselves, which can never be done, but
by their consenting to aid in the cultivation
of their lands, and gradually becoming accus
tomed to labour they will feel the benefits
of it, and in time be altogether drawn
off from a precarious dependence upon
fishing & hunting for a support

It will be most prudent for thee, not
to urge the Indians too much to receive thy
aid, but rather wait to be solicited by them;
in all thy communications with them, thou
shouldest endeavour to impress them with
a just idea, of the friendly disposition of the
president of the United States

and Secretary
of War
towards them, and it is important that
they should be fully satisfied, the Government in
its present undertaking is actuated solely by a
desire to benefit them, for we apprehend that
the Traders residing amongst them being interested