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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Baltimore 5 mo 25 1807

At a meeting of the committee on Indian con
cerns present 10 Members

The sub committee informed that they had
as directed addressed a letter to friends at Redstone
of which the following is a copy

Balto. 2 mo10 1807
Dear Friends

The Government of the United
States having taken Wm &Mahlon Kirk into its
employ and our settlement on the Wabash being
in consequence thereof likely to become vacant
we some time past requested your aid in procuring
if possible a suitable man and his wife to take charge
of this attention- Since which time a general Meet
ing of the committee has been held and if appeared
to be the prevailing sentiment, that it would be
premature to send a woman there at this time,
we therefore request if you should not already have
contracted with one that you would decline the
prospect of engaging any other than one man
for the next season

It appearing to the committee to be very
important that an individual should be engaged
so as to take charge of it by the time, or soon
after Mahlon withdraws, we earnestly solicit your
active attention to the subject, and hope you will
without delay communicate to us, your prospect of