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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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measure as the best at the present time in
our power to be useful to them, and at the
same time assure the Indians of the continu
ance of our friendship and regard

The sub committee were also directed to
write to our Members over the mountains &
inform them that it was the opinion of Friends
here it would not be proper to employ a
woman the next season at our station on
the Wabash, and that as no suitable individual
was likely to offer here we requested them
to continue their exertions to obtain if possible
one on that side of the mountains the sub
committee were also directed to inform Wm Kirk

that we considered Mahlon as released from
our service

Under a solid consideration of the very
important change committed to William Kirk

the great responsibility attached to the right dis
charge of the trust confided to him the committee
concluded to appoint the following friends to
address a communication to him expressive of
the exercise and concern felt for his preservation.
they were also desired to extend such advice and caution to him as
may appear necessary to wit G.T. Hopkins. Geo
. Evan Thomas, Thomas Moore, Edward Stabler
Asa Moore & P.E. Thomas
then adjourned