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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The following minutes are loose, but appear to have been tipped in at one time. Balto. 2 mo 10 1807


Respected friend
William Kirk being now
in the service of Government and proposes to take
his brother Mahlon into his employ consequently
Dennis’ station will be come vacant until we can
procure a person to supply their places
we are exerting ourselves to find a suitable
character for this purpose but should we not
succeed we shall again be under the necessity of
requesting the favour of thee to assist the Indians
on our behalf in the manner thee did in the
year 1805

We have requested Wm Kirk

if he should not
be able to find employ for the two Horses and
implements of Husbandry which we have at
the station, to place them under thy care until
the hears from us again

E. Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo Ellicott G.T. Hopkins