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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The following minutes are loose, but appear to have been tipped in at one time. Balto. 1 mo 23 1807

At a special meeting of the sub committee
on Indian concerns present Evan Thomas

Gerard T. Hopkins & Philip E. Thomas
and The Treasurer, who informed that a draft was pres
ented to him drawn by William Wells on the
funds of the committee for advances
to Wm &Mahlon Kirk; and as it was for $
more than they had stated in their account to
have received from Wells he waited the instruct
tions of the committee before he felt himself
authorised to pay the draft

The committee on considering the circum
stances concluded that Mahlon

had probably
received some supplies since Wm Kirk left that
country and directed the treasurer to pay the
draft and charge the amount which appears
overdrawn to the debit of Mahlon Kirk
then adjourned