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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We believe your intentions towards your red brethren
are good, for which we are thankful to you; we hope that
the Great Spirit will continue it in your hearts, to relieve
your red brethren, who are at this time much in want of your

We received with pleasure the implements of husbandry
you sent us; we have endeavoured to use them but we have not
been able to make right use of them, for want of some person
to teach us how they are used.

You are come amongst us as it were this morning, the sun has
not yet risen to 12 o’clock; you have not stayed all night with us.
The families you have visited amongst us, are well pleased with
you, and confidently receive you as their brothers: we therefore,
hope you will continue amongst us, as we believe our attachment
will increase with the time you are with us.

The committee have lately received another letter from
the Indian agent, in which he says that the Indians
at Dennis’s Station

, as well as those at the Little Turtle’s Town,
eighteen miles north of Dennis’s Station, are advancing towards
civilization, exceeding all that could have been expected.

We have examined the treasurer’s accompts, and find in his hands
219 dollars and 41 cents.
The committee, in concluding their report, are free to observe,
that upon a review of the progress made towards the accomplish-
ment of the object of their appointment, there appears to be great
cause of encouragement for Friends to persevere in this truly lauda-
ble and interesting concern, which has prospered, beyond the expec-
tations of Friends, at the time they first engaged in the undertak-
ing: and clearly demonstrates to the discerning mind, that it
hath indeed been divinely owned; and no discouragement or ob-
straction now appearing, but the want of funds, the committee
affectionately address themselves to the feelings of Friends. They
deem it not improper to remind them that the soil, from which,
through the mercy and goodness of Divine Providence, we derive
so many comforts and blessings, was once the inheritance of this
people. A small part of the abundance with which we are blessed
would, if rightly applied at the present time, be the means of ad-
ministering great comfort and advantage to them; and it is all-
important, that the present favourable crisis should be improved:
for if an opinion were to obtain amongst them, that Friends are
withdrawing their aid, they may become discouraged, and return
to their former mode of living for support, and thereby again
become plunged into that poverty and wretchedness, from which,
by the aid of the Friends, they are just emerging. The committee,
therefore fell themselves warranted in saying, that they believe, the
very existence of nations may depend upon the part we now act in
this business; they also consider, that the reputation of society is
deeply interested in the active prosecution of the concern; and
feel an earnest desire, that if the meeting should see it right to
continue them, Friends may be stimulated to more liberality, as it
is altogether impracticable for the committee to continue their ex-
ertions without the aid of additional funds.

Signed on behalf of the Committee,
Evan Thomas Jonathan Jessop Asa Moore David Greave

It appears by a minute of the Yearly Meeting
that Philip Dennis

Horton Howard are added to the committee