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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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offer- those in this vicinity are frequently
speaking to me to procure for them these things
from the U.S- From the concern taken by the
Secretary of War

respecting your communication
profering your bounty to the Indians in such
useful articles, I conclude the Government wish
to encourage your exertions, which so perfectly
accord with their own- It might be well to
make some enquiry by publication or otherways
to find what society, employs the Teacher who
has acted the part above mentioned- This letter
is at your service for that purpose, and if I
should receive further information it will be
communicated by

Your friend &well wisher
Stanley Griswold acting
as Governor of Michigan Teritory
Michigan Teritory

Then adjourned

Balt. 10mo 15 1806

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
concerns present 20 Members and our friends Jessee

, Nathan Sharpless Edward Garrick &George
from the Yearly Meeting of Phila.
The sub committee informed that Wm Kirk
had returned and made the following report
(for the Substance of which see report to Yearly
Meeting page 141 and sequel)