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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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from the necessity of furnishing our aid at that
place much longer

Should this be the case and our
brethren of the Wyandot Nation

at upper San
continue disposed to receive help from
us we will probably hereafter turn our attention
more towards relieving them, for we still con-
tinue to feel as much love for them as when we
first offered them our aid and have only been
prevented from helping them, by not having
heard from them before now, which made us
suppose they did not wish it

We have concluded to request our
friend Charles Jewitt

Indian Agent at Detroit
to furnish you with 2 setts of Plow Irons 12 Axes &
12 Hoes on our behalf as a small token of the
continuance of our love for you these we hope
you will receive, and put them into the hands of
such of our Red Brethren of the Wyandot Nation
as will be willing to use them

Signed on behalf of the Society of Quakers
at Baltimore 2 Mo 15 1806
Evan Thomas Geo. Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins P E Thomas