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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We have never since that time
until now received any direct communication
from you—after having waited three years
we were discouraged and thought you had
declined accepting any assistance from us
therefore turned our attention towards some
other Nations, who we knew were willing &
anxious to receive help from us

Having now entered into engagements
with our brothers the Miamies

and some others
it is not in our power to extend much aid
to you at this time, we have not the means
of giving a great deal, and having promoted
a settlement on the Wabash river of such of
our Red Brethren as were willing to be ins-
ructed by us in agriculture we feel ourselves
engaged to give them further assistance—we
hope they will before a great while, by industry
and care learn to do without much of our
help, as their father the President of the United
States and the Secretary of War we know are
disposed to render these and the whole of their
other Red Children all the assistance in their
power, in making their situations more comforta-
ble, and we hope the support they will
continue to receive from them will release us