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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The sub-committee further informed that they had
engaged William Kirk

(at 35$ per Mo) and his brother
Mahlon Kirk (at 25$ per Mo) to go out and reside
amongst the Indians on the Wabash the present
summer they forwarded by them a letter to William
, and an address to the Indians of which the
following are copies

Baltimore 3 Mo 12 1806
William Wells
Esteemed Friends

Thy several communications
upon Indian concerns, we have received. The
information given us has been acceptable, and we
desire to make our acknowledgements therefor

This will be handed to thee by William Kirk

who is one of our committee and is accompanyed
by his younger Brother Mahlon Kirk, the object of
their journey is to spend the ensueing summer in
aid of the Red people. By them we have also directed
a communication to the Little Turtle & other chiefs
which will be put into thy hands. We have left a
blank for the addition of the names of other
chiefs, which we wish thee to fill up at thy discretion
not doubting but that there are several in the
neighbourhood of Dennis’ station, who have removed
to reside thereabouts, in latter time, to whom a
respect is due from us