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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the Wabash

by sending one or two suitable men
to reside amongst the Indians, and teach them
how to raise stock and cultivate the Earth, Wit-
ness what Philip Dennis effected amongst them
the last year, at a station where he had every
thing to begin, there are now at least 400 Hogs
and 20 Cows, and the Indians at no village in
this Country live so comfortably as those at
that place. If this spirit of industry is kept
alive for a few years it will certainly have a
powerful influence on the minds of the Indians
at many of the neighboring Villages. The
Indians have lately, concluded a treaty with
the United States which has setled all their
jarring interests

After a solid consideration of the subject
the sub-committee were directed to endeavour to
engage one or two suitable characters to go our
and remain the succeeding summer with the
Indians for the purpose of instructing them in
agriculture at the settlement on the Wabash

and call on our Treasurer for the Amount of
expences that may be incured

Then Adjourned

Baltimore 8 Mo 3 1806

At a meeting of the Committee on Indian