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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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The Sub-committee informed that they had
agreeably to the instructions of this committee at
our meeting in the 2nd Month last, returned the
following answer to the communication at that
time received from the chiefs of the Wyandot

Delaware Nations of Indians to wit

To Tarhic, Roshawoh, Yoniero and other
chiefs of the Wyandot & Delaware nations of Indians

We have just received a speech from
you dated at upper Sandusky

July 27th 1805

We are sorry to perceive by this speech
that our intentions towards you have been greatly
misrepresented—we suppose the interpreters between
us did not understand our language suffice-
ently well to explain to you our meaning
as we have not written any letter conveying to you the
offers you mention, nor has any person authorized
by us, ever held out any such proposals, as
you appear to think you have received—the only
letter we ever wrote to you, we herewith send you
an exact copy of, by reading of it you will see
the reasons why we have not given you more assis-

The misrepresentations which have