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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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It being evident that the views of Friends
towards their Nations have been greatly misre-
presented, and no such letter as they appear to
have received ever having been addressed to them
by us, their communication is refered to the sub-
Committee who are directed to write them a
suitable reply to it

A letter was received from William Wells

10 Mo 4 1805—in which he says Agreeably to the
directions of the committee, I have employed a man
to assit the Indians in cultivating the field on the
Wabash which was cleared and cultivated by Phi-
lip Dennis
last year, the Indians with this mans
assistance have raised, it is supposed at least 600
bushels of good corn, from this one field exclu-
sive of what they have raised from ground of
their own clearing

Many of the oldest of the Eel river

& Weas
Indians, have removed and setled at that place
where they will be followed by the younger branches
of their Tribes in the ensuing spring

He adds believing as I do that the Society of
Friends are desirous of ameliorating the situation
of their Red Brethren in this Country, I will take
the liberty to observe that the present is a very
favourable time, to put in execution, their be-
nevolent views towards the distressed Natives of
this land and that much good may be done on