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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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is, that we believe as you are a progressing
people, and mention the name of God in your
offer, you will not act the Hypocrite and deceive

We desire you to do your best, we
have chosen our father that is here present to
write this speech and take it on to some of
the Quakers

We believe he will take it safe
you know the custom, in taking speeches from
the Quaker chiefs, that satisfaction should be
given, we desire you to do it—you say you
count us as dear own brethren, we do not think
you will take it hard in paying our father for
his labour in carrying it

Signed Tarhic—or Crane Rohshawoh—Turtle Yonierro—Crow
Hampton Northup Interpreter

N. B. I was desired by the chiefs to add, that if
their brethren the Quakers, should send them Plow Irons
they would also send two yoke of oxen to plow with
Signed Shata—or Leather lips
Robert Armstrong

Lower Sanduskey chfs
Taken down at upper Sanduskey July 27 1805
By Joseph Badger