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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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amount of expence incured.

Jonathan Jessop

, Jessee Hughes, Caleb Kirk
and John Cleaver were now added to the com-

The following Friends were now added to
the Sub-Committee, which was directed to prepare
a history of the proceedings of this committee for
publication together with the report just made
to the Yearly Meeting

and produce it to the next meeting
of the Committee viz. Jonathan Ellicott
Caleb Bentley, William Kirk, & Andrew Ellicott Jr.

The Committee then adjourned

Baltimore 11 Mo 2 1805

At a meeting of the Committee on Indian
Concerns present 9 Members and our friends Richard

from New York & John Shoemaker Jr. from Penn-

The Sub Committee produced
a narrative of our proceedings which was read
and approved—the Clerk & Gerard T. Hopkins

directed to have 3000 Copies of it published and
distributed agreeably to the instructions of the
Yearly Meeting

The Committee then adjourned