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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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10 Mo. 17 1805

The committee again met present 18 Members

The following minute of the yearly meeting was pro-

A report from our committee on Indian
concerns was now produced, which being read
and considered, much satisfaction with their
proceedings was expressed, inasmuch as it very
evidently appeard that considerable benefits to
our Red brethren have already resulted, since
the care of the Yearly Meeting

towards them
--The committee were encouraged to continue
such exertions in the prosecution of this
important concern as may be in their
power to extend and our subordinate Meetings
were affectionately desired to be liberal in their
contributions and from time to time forward their
collections to Elias Ellicott Treasurer of the Committee
so that the necessary means may be furnished in
order to the further prosecution of the Concern. The
committee were also left at liberty to have printed
for the more general information of Friends
as many copies of their report connected with
a narrative of their previous proceedings as they apprehend
may be usefully distributed amongst our members
and directed to call upon the Treasurer for the