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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Baltimore 2 Mo 3 1806

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian Concerns
present 13 members

The following communication from Tarhie (the Crane)

Rohshawoh (walk on the Water) Yonierro (the Crow) and others
on behalf of the Wyandot Nation of Indians, was
produced and read

Brethren Quakers listen!

Some time since a committee of
seven men were sent to us by your Society at Baltimore

--the occasion of their coming was to attend to the
business we were speaking of when I was at Baltimore
the next spring there were letters sent out and the com-
mittee came out least the letters should have been
lost, that they might communicate the same things
sent in them, i e

The reasons of our coming are we not
knowing but that the letters might be lost, for in
those letters, were contained all the information;
How it happened when we got first acquainted with
the Dellaware Nation

your Nephew, now our design
is to do something for the Delaware & Wyandot Nations
as we love them more than any others, at the same
time we express our friendship for all Nations; The
Quakers have taken up a plan for doing something
for the Delaware and Wyandot People. As you have
two fathers, the President of the United States and