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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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it to a future sitting of the Committee

The following letter was produced and read

To the Committee on Indian affairs
appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Baltimore
Dear Friends

Your acceptable Epistle of the
10 Mo last, was not for a considerable time after
its date produced to our committee, occasioned
by a lengthy suspension of their meeting. Your exertions
for the instruction of the Miamie

& Eal river
Indians in agriculture was noticed with much
satisfaction. That you may be encouraged to
persevere in a work confessedly arduous, yet promise-
ing such essential bennefis to our Red brethren
is earnestly desired, being persuaded that the religious
concern of Society, for the improvement & welfare
of this people, originated in motives truely benevolent
and under best influence, so are we of the mind
as we move therein under wise direction, that
the work will be, as we think it has been owned
and blessed.

Our labours on behalf of the Indians have
yielded as much solid peace as most services in
which we have been engaged, and what particularly
claims our thankful commemoration, after some
trial of our faith and patience, waiting for suitable
characters to reside amongst the Indians, such
have come forward measurably under the weight