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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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2 acres more of Ground cleared and was ploughing
in the field that was cleared by Philip Dennis

Hogs that were left there had increased to 100 in

William Wells

further informs that there would
be 100 Acres of Land under good fence at the Little
Turtles Town
(15 Miles north of Dennis’ Station) by the
1st of the 6 Mo.—that they had obtained a large number
of Hogs and some Cows and he doubts not but
the Indians will soon see, that it is easier to raise
food than to procure it by Hunting and adds
that Friends may see by the very great progress they
have made in agriculture & civilization since Philip Dennis was amongst them
that they only want good men to reside amongst
them to teach them how to work

We expected to have received information from
him giving an account of the progress the Indians
are making this summer but have not yet heard
from him

Evan Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo. Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins P. E. Thomas Baltimore 10 Mo. 14 1805

which being read was satisfactory and their
proceedings approved

George Ellicott

Evan Thomas, Andrew Ellicott Jr.
John Ellicott & P. E. Thomas were appointed, to examine
the treasurer’s accounts report the state of our funds
and prepare a report to the Yearly Meeting and produce