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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We have since received his Answer in which he
says he will loose no time in complying with
the request of the Committee and that he will
at all times be ready to put the benevolent concern
of Friends towards the Indians in execution, he
also says that at this time a spirit of industry exists
amongst the Indians generally, and that as several
of the Tribes had requested of Government to have
a part of their annuities expended in the employ-
ment of men to split rails and make fences for them
the Delawares

had 23.000 rails put up into fences the
last winter—and that 40.000 more would be made
into fences for the Miamies and Eal river Indians
by the 1st of the 6 Month, he adds that 10 families
of the Miamies have setled adjoining the place
that was cultivated by Philip Dennis and that
4 Men were now employed in making rails to
fence in 40 Acres for them and also that 3 persons more
were at work for the Eal river Indians ½ a mile
below Dennis’ Station—that they had 25 Acres cleard
and ready for the Plough and he expects would have
50 or 60 Acres fenced in by the 1st fo the 6 Mo. He
further adds that he is not certain what number
of families will reside at that place but expects 25
the present season and he is confident the settlement
will increase very fast. The Indian that worked
all last season with Philip Dennis was about
building himself a comfortable house and had about