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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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will be assisted by the Indians—after their corn is
planted we are willing to believe they will be able
to mannage it should a second ploughing however
be necessary we wish that also to be done, this
person may also prepare for them a garden of the
most useful vegetables, which they may afterwards
easily mannage, of the descriptions we leave thee
to judge. This little service rendered to them
the present year we hope will convince the
Indians that we have not withdrawn our regard
from them, the expence involved in a compliance
with the request which we have now made of
thee we will cheerfully pay and should it be
practicable to do for them what we propose
we have to request of thee, the favour of informing
the Indians that the work which we now do for
them, is a small token of the continuance of our
love for them and that we hope that the attention
they gave last summer to the mannagement of
Philip Dennis

in cultivating a crop for them has
afforded them much instruction in the use of the
Plough and other implements of Husbandry

We hope there will be a continuance of our
correspondence and that from time to time we shall
be favoured with such information from thee
relative to our Indian Brethren as will be interesting
to us
Thy friends Evan Thomas Geo. Ellicott Gerard T. Hopkins