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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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would assist them in ploughing &c and accord-
ingly we addressed the following letter to him

Baltimore 3 Mo 10 1805
William Wells
Esteemed Friend

As members of a committee
on Indian concerns appointed by the Society of
Friends we address thee, and inform that our desire
to promote the civilization, and add to the happiness
of the Indians has not abated, and inasmuch as
we made some progress in this interesting under-
taking by cultivating for them a field of Corn
&c the last year we are desirous not yet to abandon

It has been our wish to send a person to
take the place of Philip Dennis

in aiding the
Indians the present season but the information we
have received of the unsetled and dissatisfied situation of
the Indians added to the difficulty of finding a suitable
character willing at this time to engage in the
service, has been such that from the already advanced
period in the Spring, we have no hope of succeeding, and
after a full conference on the subject we have come
to the conclusion to ask of thee (in addition to the
many kindness we have to acknowledge we have
received) the favour of interesting thyself to procure
for us the most suitable character in thy power who
under thy direction will plough the land which
Philip Dennis cultivated the last season and plant
it in Corn, in the performance of which, we hope he