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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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the committee adjourns to meet on the 7th day
preceeding our next quarterly meeting at the 7th hour
in the evening

Baltimore 10 Mo. 15 1805

At a Meeting of the Committee on Indian
Concerns present 16 Members and our friends Jacob

, John Hunt & John Shoemaker Jr. from

The sub-committee produced the following

To the Committee on Indian Concerns

In compliance with what appeared
to be the sense of the Committee when last con-
vened, we endeavoured to procure a suitable Friend
to go and reside amongst the Indians the present
season but no suitable one having offered to engage
in the service and taking into consideration the
advanced season of the year and the dissatisfied &
unsetled situation of the Indians at that time on
account of a sale of Land that had been made
by some of the tribes to the United States (which
uneasiness we are glad to hear has since been
removed) our thought it might for the present
season be best to write to William Wells

agent and request him to procure for Friends the
most suitable person he could who under his direction