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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of principal Indian chiefs who requested him to
inform friends that they and the Indians generally were
much obliged to friends for the assistance they had given
them, and hoped we would continue our friendship
towards them and that nothing might happen to
discourage us, he also says that all the Indians he was
amongst were very friendly as was also William Wells

& the other offices of the government

We further inform the committee that we
have setled with Philip Dennis

and reimbursed him
for the loss of his house, we have also setled with the
Treasurer and find in his hand a ballance of $273 63/100

Evan Thomas Elisha Tyson Geo. Ellicott P. E. Thomas Baltimore 2 Mo. 4 1805

As it appears that the Indians are still desirous
of friends continueing their care towards them and of
our sending a person to take the place of Philip Dennis

the committee after weightily considering the subject
conclude to instruct the sub-committee to endeavour
to procure one or more suitable offer to agree with them
and call on the Treasurer for the expences that may
be incured

No further business appearing at this time