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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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these he engaged William Wells to attend to the
killing & Salting of they were small when brought to
the farm in the spring and had no other food than
what they gathered in the woods. He also built a
house 32 feet long & 17 feet wide 1 ½ stories high, with
floors and partitions—one end of which he finished

He further informs that the Indians who remained
with him were very industrious and attended to his directions
that the young women wished to work out in preparing the
ground and in tending the corn from which he had
dissuaded them. And as some spinning wheels had just
arrived at Fort Wayne which had been sent on by
government he had encouraged these young women to
go there and learn to spin & knot of a woman that
happened to be there—this they did and soon learned
both to spin & knit and that he left them knitting yarn
of their own spinning and gives it as his opinion that
there is encouragement for friends to persevere. A
considerable number of Eal river Indians are about to
settle near the place he cultivated. This being it that
country has been attended with considerable expence but
should another person go out to them the disbursement
need not be as great a considerable piece of land being
now enclosed and a house built. He also informs that
one of his horses died a few days before he left that country
and that previous to his departure he was with a number