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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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directed to be signed & forwarded to wit

To Tarhie & the other principal chiefs of the
Wyandot Nation of Indians

You may remember that something
more than 5 years ago a committee of Quakers from

made you a visit at Sandusky and that
as a sufficient number of chiefs could not speedily
be got together at that time you declinged giving
a full answer to the communication then made you

You may also remember that as you
could not at that time give us a full answer
you promised to forward it after the meeting of the
grand Council which was to be held shortly after

Your brethren the Quakers of Baltimore

have ever since that time been waiting to receive
this answer and could not account for its not coming
to hand, they concluded therefore that you declined
receiving the assistance that they were willing to
have renderd you

Brothers we have just now heard from some
of our friends who live on Little Beaver to whom

communicated it last winter that you did
forward an answer to the communication, made to
you at Sandusky 5 years since, and we are sorry to in-
form you from some unknown cause it has not come
to hand