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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Adjourned to the 7th hour tomorrow evening

2 Mo 4

—The committee
again met present 18 Members

The sub-committee produced the following

To the Committee on Indian concerns

We the Sub-committee appointed to act in the
recess of this committee, inform, that since the report
made by the friends who visited the Indians, our friend
Philip Dennis

who remained with them during the past
season has returned with them during the past
season has returned. He informs us that he spent
the season agreeably with them and was favoured
to enjoy a good portion of health whilst there—
He raised 400 bushels of corn but this was not divided
when he left that Country on account of the dispersed
situation of the Indians, he had however secured it
in substantial well covered cribs, and had engaged
William Wells to attend with the chiefs appointed
to make the distribution & has no doubt but it will
be equitably divided on the return of the Indians
from their hunting Camps. He also raised Turnips
Potatoes, Cucumbers, Water Melons, Pumpkins, Beans
Parsnips & other garden vegetables and left at the
farm he had been cultivating (with the family of
Indians with whom he resided) 23 Hogs & Pigs 7 of which
were in good order to kill, and would weigh 1500 lbs