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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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Information having been received by the committee
that Tarhie

the principal chief of the Wyandot nation
of Indians had some time since forwarded Speech
& Belt of Wampum to us and that he not having
since received any answer to it was become very uneasy
and extremely anxious to hear from us. The following
friends are therefore appointed to prepare an address to
him on the subject and produce it to a future siting
of the committee to wit George Ellicott & Philip E. Thomas
Adjourned to the 7th hour, tomorrow evening

10 Mo 18 1804

The committee again met pursuant to adjournment

The clerk informed that the Minutes and
proceedings of the former committee under appoint-
ment of the yearly meeting on Indian concerns, which
had come into his hands were in such a disordered state
that he found it impossible to arrange them & requested
an appointment of some friends to assist him therein
the following friends are therefore nominated & requested
to furnish him the necessary aid to wit Isaac Tyson

& John Ellicott & directed to report to a future
meeting of the committee

The friends appointed to prepare an address to

produced the following which was approved &