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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of the place as also with the soil, it being equal in
fertility to any land in the western Country. Near it
are two good seats for Mills, one on the Wabash

, with-
out injuring its navigation and the other on a
handsome stream ½ a mile below. We may add
that this place is situated between 30 & 40 miles S.W. of
Fort Wayne, after viewing the Land adjacent, staking
out the place for Philip to build his house and pointing
out the place for him to clear and enclose &c &c we re-
turned to Fort Wayne

On the 15 (having previously concluded to return
by Detroit

and thence across the lake) we commenced our
journey homewards and descended the Miami of the
Lake to the ottoway river then down the same to Lake
and thence to detroit, in this Distance we had an
opportunity of observing several Villages of the Shawanese
and Ottoway Indians as also several villages belonging
to the Wyandot (Huron) Indians one in particular at
which we spent a little time contains about 100 families
and is known by the name of Browns Town & the Rock
--at this village they have made greater progress in
civilization than any other of the Western Indians—
They have comfortable dwelling houses, 200 head of Cattle
--make Butter & Cheese, have horses & Hogs, raise a sufficiency
of corn & oats &c &c we here saw one barn well filled with
wheat in the Straw, the land they cultivate is enclosed
under good fences & they have also Peach & apple orchards