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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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At this Village as well at several others, we were
informed that the Wyandots residing at Sandusky

within a few years turned their attention to agricul-
ture, and had made considerable progress in fencing
in their Lands and in raising corn cattle &c

On the 2nd of the 5th Mo. we left Detroit

descended the streights into the Lake then across the
same to fort Erie in upper Cannada where we arrived
on the 10th then across the Niagara streights to
Buffaloe creek, where we engaged a conveyance to
Canandarque, whilst waiting for the conveyance we
visited the principal village of the Senneka Indians
situated on Buffaloe Creek, we saw several of their
principal chiefs and young men engaged in ploughing
--to one of these ploughs we saw 6 oxes—others were
busily engaged in cleaving and preparing land for

On the 13 we left Buffaloe Creek

, continuing
our journey through the Genessee country to the head
of the Mohawk river—on our way we passed through
a large village of the Oneida Indians, then down the
Mohawk to Schenectady and from thence to Albany
where we took water for New York and from thence
by land to Baltimore where we arrived on the 27th.

We further inform that some time after our
return, we received a letter from Philip Dennis

6 Mo 26 last which informs that he had been afflicted
5 weeks from the time we left him with a Sciatic