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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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your brother has a mind to live amongst us to
shew us how to cultivate the Earth and have desired
us to shew him the spot where to begin

We agreed then that he should be at neither
of our villages least our younger brothers might be
jealous of our taking him to ourselves. We have
determined to place him on the Wabash whre some
of our families will follow him, where our young
men I hope will flock to him and where he will be
able to instruct them as he wishes

This is all I have to say. I could all day
repeat the sentiments I have already expressed, also
how much I have been gratified in seeing and
hearing from our brothers, but this is not necessary
--I am sorry the chiefs of our Country are not all
present, that they might all hear what you have
said and have an opportunity to talk with you

At the close of the conference we inf-
ormed the Indians that we wished to accompany
Philip Dennis

to the river Wabash the place assigned for
him to commence his operations and requested them
to appoint one of their number to accompany us there
the Little Turtle replied that he would be pleased to
accompany us himself, but that he was too much
indisposed to go such a distance, they accordingly
appointed a guide, who together with William Wells
accopanyed us. We were much pleased with the situation