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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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we shall then be able to make a more comfortable
living with less labour than at present and we hope
this will be the opinion of us all

I again repeat I am extremely glad to hear
the things you have said we will keep them in our
hearts for the good of our young men, our women &
our children. I have now delivered you th esenti-
ments of our people that are present
--Here he made a short pause then added—

Assure your people who sent you here, tell
your old chiefs, that we are obliged to them, for
their friendly offers to assist us in changing our present
mode of living—tell them it is a work that cannot
be done immediately, but that we are that way
disposed and we hope it will take place gradually.

He then, set down for a short time—then proceeded

My heart is so overjoyed with what you
have said that I find I forgot to mention one of the
most important things. At the time we first met at
this place, the Five Medals

and myself formed some
idea of your business, we expected, that you had come
to do for us things which you had proposed to us when
in Baltimore and consulted each other upon the
Answer necessary to return to you in every respect, and
I now find that our conjecture was right

The sentiments which I have delivered to
you were his sentiments, you have now told us that