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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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to us the different kinds of Grain, and animals we
ought to raise for our comfort, you have told us that
if we adopt the plan you propose, we should want
for nothing. This brothers myself and many of our
people believe is true and we hope we shall finally be
able to convince our young men that this is the
plan we ought to adopt to get our living

You have come a long distance to render
service to us we hope your visit will meet with the
success you wish, you have been very particular in
pointing out to us what will be for our good. You
have been very particular in pointing out to us the
duties of our women, and you have told us that
in adopting your mode of living, our numbers
would increase and not diminuish, in all this I
perfectly agree with you and I hope the other chiefs
will also

We are pleased to hear you say you are
going to leave one of your brothers with us to
shew us in what manner you cultivate the Earth
we shall endeavour brothers, to make his situation
amongst us as agreeable to him as will be possible
for us

We are convinced the plan you propose
will be highly advantageous to your red brethren—
we are convinced you have observed very justly, that
we shall not be so liable to sickness—we are certain