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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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you have said to us—to our women and to our children

When we saw you with the rest of our brothers
in Baltimore

upwards of two years ago, I expect yo recollect
perfectly the conversation between us at that time and
place, I there with my brother chiefs told you, that
we were glad to find you, so much, disposed to assist us
and our women & children, we told you that your good
wishes should be make known to all your red brethren
in this country—this has been done

Ever since that time I as well as some other
of my brother chiefs have been endeavouring to turn
the minds of our people towards the cultivation of the
Earth but I am sorry to say we have not yet been able to
effect any thing

As many of our chiefs and principal
people are not present we could not now undertake to
give you any pointed answer. We expect in a few
moons there will be many of our people together at that
time it will be proper that we should return you an
answer to all the Subjects you now mention to us

The things you have said to us require our
greatest attention—it appears to be really necessary
we should deliberate upon them. In order to do so we
must beg you to leave the paper upon which they are
written that we may communicate them to our chiefs
when they assemble

All the things you have said to day were
certainly calculated for our good, you have enumerated