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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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operations being near at hand, required that we
should make haste. They replied that our reasons for
wishing them to meet early were very good and that
they would meet us on the 11 of the 4 Month

At that time we were met by several of their
chiefs a considerable number of their principal young
men as also several of their women—when they informed
us that they were ready to hear any communications
from us and as they had previously requested, that
what we had to say might be put upon Paper, that
they might communicate our words, to the Indians
when generally assembled we delivered to them, through
the Interpreter the following address

The address of George Ellicott

& Gerard T. Hopkins
on behalf of the people called Quakers at Baltimore to
the Little Turtle and the Five Medals chiefs of the Miami
and Pottowattomi Nations of Indians

Brothers & Friends

We know that most of our
red brethren are at present at their hunting Camps &
at their Sugar Camps and did not expect to see ma-
ny of them upon so short a notice, therefore as you re-
quested it we have put upon paper the things we had
to say and hope you will not fail to have our words
communicated when at some future time you may be
more generally assembled

When we were together eight days ago