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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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with the Little Turtle and the Five Medals the
letter was read to them, which has just now been read
that letter you observe, says that we were appointed
by our friends and brothers the people called Quakers at
Baltimore to come and visit you and to take you by
the hand on their behalf desiring that you wold
receive any communications from us, as coming
immediately from them

After that letter was read our hearts were
filled with so much love for our red brethren that
on looking over and considering the business upon
which we had come, we felt a desire to see as many
of you together as could be convened and this day
was then agreed upon for us to meet you

We believed that the things which
we had to say were of great importance to the
welfare of our red brethren, and therefore it was that we
requested to see you together, that you all might
have an opportunity of hearing what we have to say

Our hearts are filled with thankfulness
to the great Spirit, that he has brought us safely to
the Country of our red brethren, and protected us
through our journey, we also rejoice that he has
given us this opportunity of seeing you and of taking
you by the hand

It is now a little more than two