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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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made for the use of our red brethren & desired that
they might be distributed amongst them as tokens of
our friendship

Your brothers of Baltimore received
last fall through the hands of William Wells a
Talk from their brothers the Little Turtle & Five Medals
and others informing us that they had received the
implements of Husbandry, and requested that their
brothers of Baltimore would send some of their peo-
ple into the country of their red brethren, for the
purpose of seeing their situation and shewing them
how to make use of the Tools saying they did not
know how to begin

It is for this purpose that we have
now come, and we again repeat that we rejoice we
have this opportunity of seeing you and of taking you
by the hand

In coming into the Country of
our red brethren we have come with our eyes open and
although we are affected with sorrow in believing that
many of the red people suffer much for the want of food
and for the want of cloathing yet our hearts have been
made glad in seeing that it has pleased the great Spirit
to give you a rich and valuable Country, because that
we know it is out of the Earth that food and cloathing
come. We are sure brothers that with but little labour &
attention you may raise much more corn and other
grain, than will be necessary for yourselves, your women