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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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no further business appearing at this time the
committee adjourns

Baltimore 10 Mo 15 1804

At a meeting of the committee on Indian
concerns present 16 Members and our friend Isaac

from Pennsylvania

The friends appointed at last meeting to
visit the Indians inform that two of them attended
to the service and produced the following report, to wit

To the Committee on Indian concerns
appointed by the yearly meeting of Baltimore
We of the committee appointed in the 2nd Mo.
last to visit the western Indians,

report, that on the
23rd of the same month we proceeded upon our
journey, accompanied by our friend Philip Dennis

who had offered to go with us in order to remain with
the Indians during the season for the purpose of
instructing them in agriculture taking with him two
good horses to be employed in ploughing &c,. On the
30th of the 3rd Month we arrived at Fort Wayne
Situated on the Miami of the Lake, and at the
junction of the St. Mary’s & St. Joseph’s rivers

Shortly after our arrival we convened a few
Indians, amongst whom were the Little Turtle

the Five Medals (by whom we were received with