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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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We have received your Talk communicated by our
friend William Wells

, after the reception of the
implements of husbandry sent last spring for your
use, in that speech as well as when you were in Balti-
more you have told us that you, thought it best
for some of us to go out to see you, that they
might be the better capable of judging, what could
be done further for the benefit of our red brethren

Brothers & Friends,
In compliance with your request
we have named our beloved friends George Ellicott

Gerard T. Hopkins, Joel Wright & Elisha Tyson, to go &
visit you and to take you by the hand in our beh-
alf, and we desire you will receive them or any of
them as your brothers in whom we have confidence &
that you will receive any communication from them
as being immediately from us, who are desirous of
assisting you in what may add comfort to our red brethren and to their women
and children

Your friends & brethren
Thomas Moore William Stabler Ben. Ellicott Edward Stabler Andrew Ellicott Jr. Evan Thomas Jonathan Wright Jonathan Ellicott Sam. Snowden Isaac Tyson John Ellicott P. E. Thomas Elisha Tyson Elias Ellicott Balt. 2 Mo. 6 1804