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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Minutes

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of the disposition they are in and enable Friends to ascertain
what would be the best course to pursue to be useful to them
the following friends are therefore nominated to that
service and requested to proceed in the visit as soon as
convenient, to witt. George Ellicott

, Gerard T. Hopkins, Joel
and Elisha Tyson. They are also authorised to take
one or more suitable persons with them, to reside amonst
the Indians, to instruct them in agriculture and other
useful knowledge, if then should appear a prospect of
such an establishment being beneficial to them

The following friends are appointed to draw up
an address to the Indians, to be presented to them by
the Committee when they visit them and produce it to
a future meeting of this committee, to witt Edward

, Joel Wright, Elisha Tyson, Andrew Ellicott Jr.,
Evan Thomas & Thomas Moore

Adjourned to meet tomorrow afternoon

2nd Mo. 6th

Agreeable to adjournment the committee again
met present 17 Members

The friends appointed to draw an address to
the Indians produced one, which being read is united with
being as follows

From the Committee appointed for Indian
affairs by the Yearly Meeting of friends in Maryland
To the Little Turtle and Five Medals, chiefs of
the Miamie & Pottowattomie Nations of Indians and